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Zoleta Lee is originally from Oklahoma, the heart of the Cherokee Nation! Zoleta is a decedent of the Cherokee Tribe. With a mix of Irish blood running through her veins. Rich in Heritage that she learned from her creative warm family, Crocheting, Sewing, Beading, Painting, Gardening, Cooking and much more. She was always involved in Art in one form or another. From a simple box of Crayons she would create drawings that would often replicate area's of the house she lived in or her Grandmother's house or a tree in the yard or even her favorite cartoon. Zoleta's Art is not secluded to one form or another. Through her years of College she Studied Charcoal, Water Colors, Pastel's, Interior Design, Fashion Design. Each one with such passion that it often became second nature for her.  With her back ground in Art classes in School and on into College She has developed a since of her surroundings to where she can often replicate them in several different Art Forms. 

From sketching out Stained Glass Window's for Stained Glass Artist, Zoleta could no longer see her work created by someone else. So this sent her on a new journey to teach herself the Art of Stained Glass. So here she is now on her adventure into stained glass with such passion that she smiles and laugh's as a child with a new toy!

She still is sewing, sketching, and if possible, water painting and acrylics. Oh and let's not forget being a mommy everyday. This alone is one of the hardest task that anyone will or might encounter in there life. All of this coming at a time in her life where she has discovered a new avenue to explore and express her artful soul. Zoleta's new found passion for Stained Glass has opened up the ability to paint with glass and colaborate with her husband, by making stained glass windows for

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Zoleta Lee

14660 Mitchell Creek Dr.

FortBragg, CA. 95437



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