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Alexis Nichandros Moyer


I like people to smile when they look at my work. The pieces shown here are from two series I have been working on for the last few years - a ewer (water jar) series and a chair series.


My ewers aren't made with the intention of anyone using them, but rather are exaggerated forms made just for fun. Since I enjoy throwing pots on the wheel, many of my ewers begin as thrown forms. I make each of the parts body, spout, handle, and lid individually, paying attention to the sizes at the rims so that they will fit together as needed. These parts are often altered either by bending or by cutting away portions before the final assembly. The ewers have a playful humor that appears during the assembly process. It is fun to watch each one come into being and shape its personality by making subtle changes in how the forms fit together.


My chairs are child-sized pieces that have a whimsical sense of humor. They lean and sag as if they were relaxing. Again they are not made for use but rather to be chuckled over and enjoyed. The chairs are generally hand built from slabs and coils. I begin with a concept for the chair and loosely follow it as I work. I like to let the chair become what it will as I blend my idea with the constraints of gravity. The chair backs are built separately from the seat and leg portion so it is the final assembly that brings the whole concept together.


My formal ceramic training is from California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA where I studied with Viola Frey and Art Nelson. After receiving my BFA I had the opportunity to study Minoan and Mycenean pottery and architecture in Crete, Greece. It was an experience that strongly influenced me both in terms of forms I find pleasing and in developing my love of intense colors.


Since 1988 I have had my studio and gallery in Philo, CA in an old gas station that I call The Pot Shop, (open daily by coincidence or by appointment). I thoroughly enjoy meeting the people who collect and enjoy my work. As a potter, being able to share a mutual enthusiasm for pottery with people from all over the world has been a very special and rewarding experience for me.


Due to my love of throwing I also produce a complete line of functional pottery.


 Studio: The Pot Shop

7450A Highway 128
Mail: PO Box 216
Philo, CA 95466

Phone: 707 895-2810
FAX: 707 895-2355