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In truth, I have no credentials other than my paintings, which will have to speak for themselves. It would be nice to have impressive credentials, but I don't enter contests or join organizations to promote my art. I'm not a promoter; I'm just trying to be a good painter-not an easy task, and whether I am or not is for you to decide. There are no copies of my paintings. They are all originals of various sizes and styles. My aim is to draw the viewer into the painting as a visual participant rather than a passive observer.

Self taught, I began oil painting several years ago, and painted in a very representational way, as most beginners do, but later realized that no matter how hard I tried to replicate what was before my eyes, the constraints of pigment and light prevented me from truly reproducing every nuance of the subject. In time, I finally saw the "light". If I was to be a creator and not a copier, I had to express my inner self on the canvas and let the subject matter be a conduit to that end. After all, memorable paintings are really an expression of self over subject matter. When that happens for the artist, painting is more fun ....... more rewarding ....... hopefully more beautiful, and the viewer sees something beyond the tangible world. Another thing I like about being a painter is the independence and potential for personal satisfaction, almost to the point of selfishness, because unlike some art forms such as music or theater, the painter is on his own ....... no one else to depend upon ..... no one else to share success or failure.

My wife and I, along with our Labradoodle Becky, live on a forty-acre ranch covered with oak, pine, and fir nestled against the foothills of Potter Valley. Retired since 1990, I have been a stage manager, actor, and scenic designer in the professional theater, a high school teacher, a real estate broker, and now, dare I say it, a painter.

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