The term "naive" refers to artists untrained in the formal sense. The vivid, undiluted color, stylized depictions of people and animals, mixed perspective, and an absence of foreshortening are typical of the naive or self-taught style that has long had a strong following in Europe and has quickly gained popularity in the United States .


California artist Sev Ickes is a self-taught artist whose work is literally filled with imagination and straight-from-the-heart reflections of her view of the world. Her paintings are distinguished by her attention to details as well as her use of pure, bright colors. She is a "storyteller" through paintings.


A native of Evanston, Illinois, Sev moved to Mendocino in 1983. Her work was represented by the Ruth Carlson Gallery (later changed to Gallery One) for 18 years until the gallery closed in December of 2000. Sev's original work can now be seen at the Panache Gallery on Main Street in Mendocino. She is also represented by the Gallery at Salishan in Glen Eden Beach, Oregon, the Kahn Gallery in Kauai, Hawaii. Sev's paintings have been shown in several galleries in Europe that exclusively feature naive artists.

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