I have been carving the human figure for the past seventeen years.

Ten of those have been on the Mendocino coast.

On this site you will see images of works past and one of a current project involving a six foot tall block of Italian marble.

This sculpture has two life-sized figures, male and female, loosely depicting the lives of Nat and Kathy Bingham.

The supportive imagery, kelp, salmon and flowers (for Kathy) were chosen, in that they best represent Nats involvement in the fishing industry and subsequent efforts towards environmentalism ..... although, there are specific indicators in this piece.

I feel that a universal appeal has been achieved based on the union of two souls. I hope this piece will find a proper place in our community ,

It belongs here and it is relevant to our times and location .

I am open to commissions both large and small.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this site



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Robert Milhollin

PO Box 1462
Mendocino, Ca 95460



e-mailto: scultore@mcn.org


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