I began painting over 35 years ago in southern California. My children had grown and I had free time. I took lessons at the nearby college and the Laguna Beach Art School. I also studied with several artists in the area and was able to get my work into galleries in Newport Beach, La Canada, San Clemente, La Jolla and Laguna.
I was accepted into the Laguna Beach Art Festival for 13 years. This is a juried event, and each summer shows art work of local artists along with the famous Pageant of the Masters.

Fourteen ears ago I moved to northern California and settled in Caspar. Here several artists formed a group and we showed our work together by means of studio tours. From time to time we added more artists from the area and have been showing our art at the What's Afoot Gallery in Caspar for the past eight years.

We now have eleven artists and have become the Usual Suspects. The name given to us by Olaf Palm who was one of our special members.

This group has shown at the Gallery One building in Mendocino and the Company Store in Fort Bragg in conjunction with the Habitat for the Humanities and part of our sales were donated to their efforts.

I began painting in oil. However, I have studied gouache, pen and ink, etching, and ceramics. Even though I work with all these mediums I especially like oil painting because of the feel of the flow onto the canvas and the results the oil paint gives to the finished picture.


Naida Schorg
PO Box 41
Caspar, Ca 95420



mailto: naida@mcn.org


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