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Mad Silk is high quality, hand painted silk. It is neckties, scarves, room divider screens, hand made lampshades and pendants, as well as silk kites and windsocks. Commissions for home interiors as well as custom silk for the bride and groomsmen . Photos of completed projects are available upon request.

My work has forever been very influenced by pattern. I get them stuck in my head like a song by Neil Young (or Neil Sedaka). Pattern goes on to infinity, relentlessly or with serene assurance. Artists like Matisse, Gaudi, the tilesetters of the Alhambra, wallpaper by Little & Osborne - my eyes race across them, extending the pattern beyond its edges. The textile traditions of Japan and Scandinavia also give me inspiration.

After years of meticulous gouache paintings for textile designs, I longed to leave the theoretical. I chose silk as a medium for several reasons, but mostly for the intensity of color. The results are like playful color studies. The gutta resist forms the simple patterns as layers of ink accumulate, with more markmaking throughout the process.




Madeline Kibbe
PO Box 131
Point Areana, CA



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