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Joy MacGregor has been a resident of Mendocino County for 30 years, and has been photographing and performing the marketing and business end of photography on the Mendocino Coast for almost five years.

What originally started out as daily walks with her camera, and inspirational words from Eleanor Campbell, (Joy's friend), Joy began to share her work with others. Through a series of events, the time arrived for Joy to become fully committed to her work, which has been a true gift.

My work now includes portraiture and recording your special events, besides natural and environmental photography. In fact, many of my clients have their photographs taken with their pets.

I love this work and am actively pursing it on a daily basis. It is really magical when I cannot tell if the art is creating me or me creating the art. That's when it is really fun.

I have been showing my work at various locations in Fort Bragg on First Fridays for most of the Firsts for the past two years, and other places on the Mendocino Coast. This May, I had the honor of becoming a member of the Artists' Co-op of Mendocino located at 45270 Main Street, Mendocino. I have been known to participate in an occasional fair and have entered my work in competitions. The more I do this work ..... the more I love it.

My work is sold on the Mendocino Coast and has been sent to places as far away as Africa and Sweden. Please enjoy the work presented here.

All work is copyrighted. Contact photographer for lease or sale.

Joy MacGregor
Fort Bragg, CA
(707) 964-1032



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