Art is a language spoken with fluency and unmistakable presence in the evocative works of artist Julie Higgins. Through the use of vibrant, tactile pastels, voluptuous figures and fertile landscapes, the spiritual is made tangible upon discovering its own image boldly portrayed.


Artist and art are both rooted in the heartland. Born and raised in the Midwest, Julie Higgins attended the University of Kansas in Lawrence, where she earned her degree in fine arts.


Moving to the Skagit Valley region of Washington State, she found pastels were ideally suited for exploring the color and sensual compositions of the region's rich landscape. Her connection with the earth as a life source coalesces into mellifluous women both offering and calling forth elemental forces.


Higgins currently lives on the Mendocino coast of California where she continues to express her participation in the feast of life through images as a symbolic language.


She hangs several much-anticipated shows throughout the wine country annually. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums as well as many alternative venues and can be found in private collections nationwide.


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Julie Higgins

P.O. 1562
Mendocino, CA 95460-1562

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