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I am an ocean sandpainter. I hand gather natural ocean sands and sands from throughout the world.


I have been experimenting with sand since 1968 and continue to explore the textures, patterns and rhythms of the ocean coastlines to depict the very make-up of the wild coastline beaches.


I've created a form of painting using natural sands for color and a nontoxic adhesive. The adhesive is applied to a panel using brushes. Then the sand is pinched, blended, dropped and intentionally placed to create a form of ocean sandpainting. I have gathered and use over 200 colors of natural sands. Several layers are required, similar to paint washes, to bring forth the true color and design of the sand. The sand enables me to use a variety of textures as well as colors. Sometimes the sand is actually crushed seashell, ground to a sand consistency by the posew of the ocean itself. It makes for a wonderful texture.


The sandpaintings allow us all to touch in with a part of the earth, to enjoy and remember the beauty, serenity, color and textures of the earth's natural ocean coastlines and its inhabitants.   

Jan Peterson
P.O. Box 1126
Mendocino, Ca 95460


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