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An original lightweight ferro-cement form is covered in reset broken tile (alicatado). Shape, color and whimsy.

To make shapes larger than myself and large enough to relate to physically, not just visually, but with the tactile sense as well;

To have the enjoyment of being held by one's own creation and receive back comfort and warmth;

To play with the rich colors of glass and the abundance of shape;

And last of all, to recycle !

These are the joys of building these pieces !
Pure mindless fun !

For many years in Mendocino in the center of town on the corner of Ukiah and Kasten Streets, there was a garden that held mosaic furniture.

Since it was created by Leslie Campbell who lived next door, I called it "Leslie's Garden".

The mosaic furniture was tucked along pathways lined with strawberries, iris and lilies that surrounded patches of poppies and sunflowers.The pieces of furniture shown here, and more, were available for anyone to enjoy, like a public park, year round.Although neither Leslie nor the furniture reside there anymore, the garden lives on.

These are the most Frequently Asked Questions with their answers.

How much do they weigh ?
From 150 - 350 pounds.

How long does it take to make one ?
From 2 - 4 months.

How do you move them ?
With rollers, ramps and pulleys.

How much do they cost ?
From $3 - 9,000.
Purchase includes delivery and placement (within California).

How do you make them ?
That's a long story. Someday I'll write the book.

Where do you get the tile ?
From 'seconds' at tile shops, scrounging thrift stores, friends who donate, anywhere. All broken tile edges are ground smooth for appearance and safety.
Jan Hinson Glasswork

PO Box 336
Albion, CA 95410

Email: hinson@mcn.org


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