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"To affect the quality of the days, that is the highest of the arts". -- David Thoreau


Like many people, I began as a child, playing with pictures using coloring books.


I remember a Crayola crayon drawing (now lost), that I did when I was about 4 or 5, of my Mom and Dad kissing. It was probably the first original piece of artwork that I ever saw displayed, hanging on a wall.


In my 1st grade of elementary school, I drew a picture of Ringo Starr playing the drums. This picture was selected to be shown in the window of the 4th grade class as part of the student art exhibit. I considered this a great honor.


In college, I was exposed to, and awestruck by, the work of Salvador Dali that I had seen in the window displays of a poster shop.


Around 1987, I discovered a book on Marcel Duchamp. I was intrigued by Marcel's notion of "art" as simply the execution of an idea.


In 1995, I began drawing again, and took a course at Mendocino College taught by Wayne Knight. It was then that I began to consider drawing to be "painting," with the pencil or quill serving as a fine tipped "brush."


Later, I enrolled in a Life Drawing class under the tutelage of Paula Gray. Paula's instruction and encouragement set me on a path. I have been drawing consistently ever since…


"Drawing is the essence of Art" -- Ingre



Hiawatha O. Blake

Ukiah, CA 95482



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