I was born in Hawaii and raised primarily on the Central Coast of California.

Growing up surrounded by so much beauty, I have always felt a strong resonance with the spirit of nature.


Artists run in my family and following in the wake of a number of "ancestral photographers" I began taking pictures at the age of 7 and by 9 was winning awards. I had no formal training of any kind until I took a few darkroom classes in high school and college.


I started taking portraits professionally at the age of 13 and I continued with that after college, spending way too long in Hollywood doing headshots for models and actors and promotional shots for rock bands. After a brief stint trying something different (set dressing & wardrobe work on films) I was finally driven out of L.A. by my low tolerance for insanity.


Returning to the peace and quiet of Cambria, I continued exploring the portrait as an art form, working mainly in black and white, then beginning to create hand-tinted images inspired by my Grandfather's photos from the 1920's. I fell in love with everything about hand-tinting ... the look, the technique, the history.


I use Marshall's Photo Re-Touch Dyes like watercolors, mixing and blending directly on the print in a wet on wet technique that doesn't tolerate any mistakes but is worth the effort for the final effect of painterly luminosity.


Since 1997 I have been exploring alternative processes that include shooting with pinhole cameras, black and white infrared film, Polaroid emulsion transfers and mixed-media photo-collage.


For more information or to purchase prints, please contact the artist by phone or email.


Feora Patterson
P.O. Box 1601
Mendocino, CA 95460

(707) 937-2076

Email: feorapatterson@yahoo.com


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