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I have always been intrigued and excited by the mystery of ancient cultures. Dreams of archaeological ruins and travels to far off places have influenced my artwork from the time of my studies in traditional ceramics in New York City. Upon discovering polymer clay in 1994, I've enjoyed creating and learning new techniques with a pioneering medium while still reflecting my passion for the magic of past civilizations and their artisans.


My women's and men's wearable art and home decor is handcrafted of polymer clay and inspired by unique, rare and exquisite stamps from over eighty countries around the world. These inspirational postage stamps are chosen for their artistry and historical significance some are over forty years old from countries no longer in existence. These humble seals that convey our messages around the world are miniature masterpieces celebrating romantic destinations and historic places, traditional folkways, the humor of humanity and the beauty of nature.


I create each piece from hand-mixed colored clays and using a variety of techniques including carving, etching, the intricate Venetian Millefiore cane work and imitative techniques to create ivory, amber. jade and turquoise. Most pieces feature the inspirational stamp as part of or hidden in the design. Pieces include Treasure Box Pendants with a 5"x7" display, Miniature Books that can be worn as pins, Wall Vases that hold fresh flowers or dried arrangements, ancient Etched Pins, Art masterpiece Necklaces, imitative ivory Switch plate Covers, full -size clay Journals, Ethnic Figurines and Boxes.


The inspirations of the past ignite my imagination to create art in the 20th and 21st centuries. I enjoy sharing my love of creating with clay techniques and teach many workshops across the country. Workshops range from one day to five days and are usually focused on a theme or series of clay techniques. Please contact me for information about my artwork and my current teaching schedule.

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Dayle Doroshow

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Fort Bragg, CA 95437



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