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About five years ago, Karin Givon began her exploration of pierced and carved pottery. At the time, she was working at the Mendocino Art Center doing a Regional Occupational Program with the late Peter Von Vilken Zook. Karin had done a small amount of cutting through the clay over the years, but one day she found herself thinking," What if?... and designed the first of a long series of lace-like filigreed pots.

They are primarily porcelain, but some are made of a high fire stoneware. Resembling the feeling of the "arts and crafts" movement of the forties, they are primarily concerned with growing things -- birds plants and animals. Some are quite whimsical -- a fox chasing a series of running rabbits, through the trees. (If you look closely you can sometimes find some crouching rabbits hiding in the foliage.)

Karin has so far designed and cut over 35 different patterns. Karin is having fun. All the ware is fired to cone 10 -- a traditional high-fire that makes this pottery both durable and beautiful. They are useful for bread, fruit, candles, floating flowers, or to enhance your table. They are microwaveable and dishwasher-safe. When people ask Karin what they are for, she laughs and answers "Not soup!" But the Dancing Dragon Pottery lives on.

Other works by Karin are dragons and monster-ish downspouts, fountains, large tiles, and Japanese-style dinnerware. The pictures are a few samples of the work of Karin Givon. If you are interested in seeing more of this work, contact Karin.



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 Dancing Dragon Pottery

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