"I chronicle human life from the unique perspective of this time, this culture and place, and my own personal viewpoint within it. From this vantage point, I find the most ordinary moments of the most ordinary domestic circumstances to be infused with undercurrents of surrealism, luminosity and pattern that always remind me of the fragile poignancy of life. I try to "catch" and freeze these moments on canvas with oil paint. "

"Valle uses her creative magic to conjure up the difficult reality of vulnerable, physical being and material circumstance into a bearable, sometimes wryly humorous, even joyful fabrication… She blends her delightful, quirky imagination with solid art historical and cultural savvy, and with the sheer technical skill needed to keep these flights airborne." Peter Clothier for ARTnews

"Valle's paintings never fail to evoke the sense of an alternate universe pulsating below the surface of a mundane reality…Valle creates scenes that are charged with a potent combination of menace and magic." Elizabeth Forst for AMERICAN ARTIST

Cynda Valle has been painting daily for 30 years. She emerged onto the art scene in Los Angeles in 1980 and currently resides in Mendocino County. She has an extensive national exhibition record including; SFMOMA Artist's Gallery, Grace Hudson Museum (Ukiah, CA), Long Beach Museum of Art, The Lobby at The United Nations, Armory Arts Center (West Palm Beach , FL), Riverside Art Museum, Couturier Gallery (Los Angeles), Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery (Los Angeles), LeBand Art Gallery (Loyola Marymount Univ.)and the Cultural Arts Center (Las Vegas, NV), to name a few. Cynda Valle's work has been reviewed and appeared in many publications including; LA Weekly, American Artist Magazine, ARTnews Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Artweek , as well as numerous exhibition catalogues.


Cynda Valle has taught painting at Scripps College, Pomona College, The Claremont Graduate School, Ohio University and Chino Men's Prison. She currently teaches at Mendocino College and accepts private students at her Willits, CA studio.

To purchase a painting, become a student or for further information contact the artist directly at;

Email :cyndavalle@gmail.com

or phone; 707-272-2713.

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