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Linda Brown has been a professional artist for thirty years. She first worked in clay, fabric, and paint. Sixteen years ago she started working in glass. Stained and leaded glass and later fused glass became her mediums of choice. Many of Linda's pieces combined leaded with fused glass.

Fused glass is the melting together of two or more compatible glasses into one single piece of glass. At "full fuse", about 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, the glass flows together to create a flat uniform surface.

Plates, bowls, serving trays, and sculptural pieces have been "slumped" into or "draped" over a mold to form its final shape. This is done in a separate firing.

The surfaces are lead free, permanent, and nontoxic, making functional pieces suitable for serving any food.

Linda specializes in custom work. She finds working with clients through the design process particularly rewarding.

When visiting Mendocino, stop by her Color & Light gallery and studio. Linda works there Fridays through Tuesdays, 10:00 to 5:00. The Gallery is also open Thursday afternoons from 1:00 to 5:00 when Linda's mother Harriet is there.

Color &Light is on Ford Street
one block north of the Mendocino Post Office,


 Color & Light
Studio and Gallery

10525 Ford Street
Mendocino, CA 95460


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