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Cassandra was born in Australia . She graduated from College with a Degree in Ceramics then traveled for six years. During her travels she lived in the Transkei, South Africa for two years. The Transkei or Pondoland was created as a result of the apartheid policy.

She lived with the Pondos and there developed the results of her Bronze African Head Series. Cassandra's art education continued in California at the College of Marin for two years working in Bronze casting. She was a member of the Artist cooperative in Berkeley working in ceramics.  

Cassandra's work is influenced from a background in Ceramics, Bronze lost wax casting, and the making of life size figures using fiberglass and hydrocal. Now she is painting using acrylics, oils , plaster and constructing fabricated surfaces. She has an interest in the surface texture; how the paint responds by layering, and using thick impasto strokes by loading the brush or scraper with more than one colour. She is interested in the process.

Cassandra has painted landscape, still life, portraits, the nude, and her work is moving towards the abstract.

She can be contacted by phone
707 937-4136

or .... e-mail

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