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From Legos to Landscapes

Betty Hansen has led a varied art career from an art teacher to a model designer for the Denmark based company LEGO and Entex company makers of BRIX BLOX and LOC BLOC.


Working with plastic snap-together modules, she started with a small duck and eventually produced large, extravagant works.When she was still at the yellow duck stage, however, she showed the model to her mother, who exclaimed, "Nine years of art lessons for that?" Betty majored in art at Notre Dame Belmont High school and San Jose State University.


A few years ago she moved to Mendocino county where the natural beauty of the area lends itself to landscapes. Also, as a grandmother, she has found joy in the painting of children's portraits and pictures.


Enjoy the luxury of owning a "faux" oil painting and at an affordable price. These beautiful pictures are reproduced on 8" by 10" CANVAS from an original oil with its look, feel and texture.


To get price quote on these canvas prints or greeting cards,please contact Betty by email or write to her at 24296 Cypress Drive, Willits CA 95490


24296 Cypress Drive
Willits, CA 95490



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